Seasonal Favorites


Every season of the year deserves to be celebrated with great food. Shop our entire collection to find a way to make memories around the table with family and friends.

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  1. Pride of Missouri
    Pride of Missouri

    Starting at $56.00

  2. Original Bacon Slabs
    Original Bacon Slabs

    Starting at $64.00

  3. Applewood Smoked Bacon Steak
    Applewood Smoked Bacon Steak

    Starting at $59.99

  4. Steak Assortments
    Steak Assortments

    Starting at $134.00

  5. Filet Mignon
    Filet Mignon

    Starting at $95.00

  6. The Filet Sampler
    The Filet Sampler

    Starting at $109.00

  7. Steakburger Sampler
    Steakburger Sampler

    Starting at $199.00

  8. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Filets
  9. Ham and Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast
  10. Stuffed Chicken Breast Southwestern
  11. Wild Rice and Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast
  12. Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast
    Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast

    Starting at $59.99

  13. Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon
    Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

    Starting at $95.00

  14. Original Steakburgers
    Original Steakburgers

    Starting at $89.99

  15. Bacon Wrapped Sirloin
    Bacon Wrapped Sirloin

    Starting at $69.99

  16. Polish Kielbasa Sausage
    Polish Kielbasa Sausage

    Starting at $59.99

  17. Ultimate BBQ Sampler
    Ultimate BBQ Sampler

    Starting at $99.99

  18. Chicken Wing Sampler
    Chicken Wing Sampler

    Starting at $99.00

  19. Southern Fried Chicken Breasts
    Southern Fried Chicken Breast

    Starting at $69.99

  20. The Party Sampler
    The Party Sampler

    Starting at $77.00

  21. The Holiday Buffet
    The Holiday Buffet

    Starting at $69.99

  22. Sweet Vidalia Onion Steakburgers
  23. Kansas City Beef Strip Steaks
    Kansas City Beef Strip Steaks

    Starting at $88.00

  24. BBQ Rib Feast Meal
    BBQ Rib Feast Meal

    Starting at $164.00

  25. Cheddar and Bacon Steakburgers
    Cheddar and Bacon Steakburgers

    Starting at $89.99

  26. Country Ham Steaks
    Country Ham Steaks

    Starting at $39.99

  27. Premium Beef Steak Meal
    Premium Steak Meal

    Starting at $140.00

  28. Nashville Hot Chicken Wings
    Nashville Hot Chicken Wings

    Starting at $58.00

  29. Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Sausage with Cheese
  30. Salt and Pepper Wings
    Salt and Pepper Wings

    Starting at $58.00

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53 items

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