1. Canadian Bacon - Why do we love it?

    What is Canadian Bacon you may ask?  To start, the name Canadian Bacon is most common in the U.S., but in other parts of the world this same bacon may be referred to as Irish bacon, English bacon or even 'back bacon.'  When you view Canadian bacon vs. bacon (American bacon), the biggest difference is bacon we are used to is cut from the pork belly, with easily seen streaks for fat and meat woven together into a delectable treat.

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  2. Easter Ham Recipes

    Easter 2019 is just around the corner!  Have you started planning your Easter celebration yet?  This special celebration deserves only the best and we are here to inspire you with the best Easter ham recipes.  Worried about how to cook a ham?  Worry no more - we can give you plenty of ready to heat options that will impress even the most scrutinizing guest at the table. 

    Hickory Smoked City Ham

    First things, to cook a ham? Well, in our opinion that's easy.  Let us cook it for you!  Our Hickory Smoked City Hams are all brine aged (in a sweet honey brine), slow smoked and fully cooked to perfection.  It takes us almost a week to make this ham!  But once it's packaged for you, you can choose to serve it at room temperature or warm it for a bit in the oven.  Either way it tastes delicious!

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  3. 2020 Easter Side Dishes

    Have you marked your calendar?  Easter 2020 is Sunday, April 12th, and there is no reason to not start planning for all of the delicious Easter side dishes you might want to serve or take to your celebration.  Especially the best side dish for ham.  With Easter being especially late in the season this year, you may be able to use some fresh produce depending on where you live, but that will not be case for us in Central Missouri!  With that in are some ideas we have.

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  4. How to Bake Bacon - a Quick and Easy Guide!

    Baking bacon?  It may not have been our original method, but over the years we've discovered there are several advantages if someone is to bake bacon in the oven over frying it on the stove. For one, if you bake bacon in the oven, it results in a more even cook, which is especially important for cooking a big batch—a pound, for instance.

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  5. Breakfast Recipes with Eggs...and our favorite meats!

    Breakfast, by many, is considered the most important meal of the day.  So if you are eating breakfast often, we assume new breakfast ideas and recipes are welcomed! At Burgers' Smokehouse, we view bringing new ideas for breakfast as our full-time job.  Whether it's a cheesy egg and bacon or egg, ham and potato combination, we hope you love these recipes as much as we do.

    Breakfast Enchiladas

    Looking for an easy recipe that combines a love for eating our food wrapped in a tortilla with eggs, ham, cheese and more.  Make these the night

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  6. Food Gifts for all Occasions in 2020

    At Burgers' Smokehouse, we love to share.  Share our love of great food, with our team members, friends and family.  For decades, we have been able to provide food gifts, including meat and cheese gift baskets, smoked and cured hams and bacon for shipment all over the U.S.A.

    Why should you send a food gift?  If you are lucky enough to be like most, many people you will be selecting a gift for throughout the year or this holiday season, already have what they need at their home.  But food?  Not only do people share a deep love and appreciation for food, but a food gift serves a basic purpose that everyone has... to continue to eat AND assumes people love to share a great food find with others!  

    Gift for Him

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  7. Pineapple Ham - and other tips for the Perfect Spring Ham!

    Cooked Hams are the perfect center piece to any celebration, but especially your favorite spring holidays, including Easter and Mother's Day!

    On our previous posts, we talked a lot about 

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  8. 10 Best Breakfast Ideas for Bacon Lovers

    The best thing about waking up isn't bacon. And though a few strips alongside eggs and toast is about as classic a morning feast as you can get, there are plenty of other breakfast ideas that include bacon to try, too. Here are a few of our favorite recipes from breakfast food bloggers to cure your cravings.

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  9. The Best 2020 Birthday Gift Ideas

    Anyone need to buy a birthday gift for the person who has it all?  Worse yet, they have it all and you have no idea what to get them?  Prepare to stress no more.  We have lots of great food gifts that are sure to delight and better yet, they can be shipped directly to their door.

    What are some of the best food gifts to send?  It depends on their interests and how you think they will use them.  If you have an avid griller on the list - you might consider giving them a break from the grill and a chance to experience another type of barbecue by sending one of these bbq samplers.

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  10. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine's Day, in the modern world, is a day focused on showing your love and gratitude for those in your life that you appreciate the most.  If you are like many, you might be struggling with what the perfect "something" is for those people in your life.  Especially if they are men.  As we were discussing  this here at the smokehouse, an obvious answer rose to the top.  Give the Valentines Day Gift of bacon or possibly another smoked meat! Who doesn't LOVE bacon?  And who would not want to receive it as a Valentines Day Gift?  No one that we could think here are our top ideas:

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