Best Valentine's Day Food Gifts For Your Loved One!

If you are unsure what to surprise your friends or family with this Valentine's Day, we can help!  Here is a list of the most popular Valentine's Day gift ideas to show them you care.  The BEST way to anyone's heart is always through their stomach.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea #1 - Ultimate Bacon Sampler

For the "ultimate" love in your life, this sampler speaks straight to the heart and gives your Valentine six different bacon flavors to try! Maybe he or she will try some new breakfast ideas for you.

Ultimate Bacon SamplerUltimate Bacon Sampler
Ultimate Bacon Sampler

Valentine's Gift Idea #2 - Peppered Bacon Steak

Know someone who grills?  The Peppered Bacon Steak is a truly unique cut of bacon. Thick enough to be grilled on its own but can easily be added to any dish for the ultimate bacon-eating experience. Sound like a perfect match for someone special?

Peppered Bacon SteakPeppered Bacon Steak
Peppered Bacon Steak

Valentine's Day Gift #3 - Wild Game Sampler

Looking for something that's not available at your store down the street? Look no further than our Wild Game Sampler. Filled with three wild game smoked meats, it's a delicious way to have the meats you love OR try the meats you've always wondered about...and without leaving your house! Love at first sight!

Wild Game SamplerWild Game Sampler
Wild Game Sampler

All of our gifts are hand packed and shipped with the customer in mind.  From high-quality coolers to a friendly customer service team, we want you and your gift recipient to have a wonderful experience with our team at Burgers' Smokehouse.

Happy Valentine's Day, and good luck on your hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day gift.