Best Easter Ham Recipes

Easter is just around the corner! Have you started planning your Easter celebration yet? This special celebration deserves only the best and we are here to inspire you with the best Easter ham recipes. Worried about how to cook a ham? Worry no more - we can give you plenty of ready to heat options that will impress even the most scrutinizing guest at the table.

Hickory Smoked City Ham

First things, to cook a ham? Well, in our opinion that's easy. Let us cook it for you! Our Hickory Smoked City Hams are all brine aged (in a sweet honey brine), slow-smoked, and fully cooked to perfection.


It takes us almost a week to make this ham! But once it's packaged for you, you can choose to serve it at room temperature or warm it for a bit in the oven. Either way, it tastes delicious! 


You can choose from: Whole Hams, Half Hams, Semi-Boneless Hams, Spiral Cut Half Cut Hams, and Carver Hams to name a few!

Ham Glaze Recipe

This simple, savory & sweet glaze recipe is one that is easy to execute and will add a little something extra to your favorite smoked ham.


Simply combine - brown sugar, honey, corn starch, and pineapple juice together on the stove for a bit, and then brush on your already warmed ham.


It will be a welcome guest at the Easter table this year.