Explore the ultimate guide to beef from Burgers' Smokehouse featuring how to cook a steak, find the best cuts of beef and recipes for dinner & holidays!

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Beef

    The Ultimate Guide to Beef

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  2. Father's Day 2020 - Food Gifts for Men

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    June is just around the corner. That means Father's Day will be here before you know it. Not sure how to show your appreciation? We have the answer - the gift of bacon or steaks or other smoked meats!

    Taking an unofficial poll around the office, it was unanimous that getting a box of summer sausages, fresh steaks, or a bacon sampler pack would be preferred over another shirt, tie, or tool. If you think your Dad would feel the same way, let us help you with these suggestions!

    The Grilling Guru

    Is your Dad the King of the Grill? Sounds like one of these two sampler packs would be perfect for him:

    • Steak Sampler Packs - choose from any of our steak samplers - from
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  3. Five Best Steak Recipes for the Grill

    Steak is a meal you can eat year-round, but when the weather warms up & the grills come back out, steak becomes a more frequent choice. Grilling a good steak, without any fixings, is a fantastic choice, but we sometimes find ourselves wanting to add a little more. Here are some tips and recipes to take your steak meals to a new level.

    Bacon-Wrapped Steak

    This is one of our best steak recipes. Although bacon-wrapped steaks may sound common, using high-quality bacon that holds up well on the grill is key (hint, hint - Burgers' Smokehouse bacon). We also suggest adding just the right amount of herbs & butter for an extra savory eating experience.

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  4. Quick Guide - How to Cook Steaks

    Whether it's summer or winter, cooking steaks is always in season.  And if you are cooking a steak, we want to make sure your final product is something you are proud to serve or enjoy yourself!  

    Remember to

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