Find great-tasting turkey recipes, dinner ideas for Thanksgiving, and learn about the differences in turkey cuts all from Burgers' Smokehouse.

  1. Need a Thanksgiving Dinner to Go in 2020?

    Who plans to celebrate Thanksgiving, but is dreading the menu planning, shopping for the food, finding Thanksgiving recipes and worst of all, cleaning up the dishes.  All of this putting a damper on your mood to celebrate?  Worry no more!  We'd like to suggest a Thanksgiving Dinner to Go!  That's right, what if you could get everything you need for the perfect celebration delivered to your door already prepped and ready to be cooked or heated?  You'd order a Thanksgiving Dinner to Go, right?

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  2. Turkey Cooking Ideas - Recipes for Leftovers

    Cooking a turkey?  There are multiple sources out there to help you cook the perfect fresh turkey for Thanksgiving or any day of the week.  But what about beyond the basic roasting, smoking and carving.  Looking for more ideas to make your turkey special on the big day?  Or better yet, ideas for leftovers?

    At Burgers' Smokehouse, we help you out for the main event by using our time-honored simple dry rub and slow smoking recipes to roast the perfect turkey for you every time.  Our smokemasters can take the guess work out of "how long here" and "how long do I brine there" and deliver you with a perfectly smoked, evenly brined, fully cooked turkey

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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Turkey

    Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or just another day of the week, turkey is the perfect meat for a flavorful and versatile meal. Burgers’ Smokehouse fully cooked and smoked turkeys make preparing for any large gathering easy and allows you to spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen. In this tutorial, we've complied everything you'll need to know about these turkeys, different types of turkeys and how to simply Heat & Eat the ones from Burgers' Smokehouse.

    How to…Know Your Types of Turkey

    Burgers’ Smokehouse Turkey

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