Burgers' Smokehouse offers recipe ideas, gift ideas, and tips for your favorite smoked sausage, breakfast sausage & summer sausages for any occasion.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Sausage

    The Ultimate Guide to Sausage

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  2. Best Foods to Take Camping & Hunting

    If you are an avid outdoors person, whether that's camping, hunting, or enjoying a day outside, you may find that packing and planning your food is quite a chore. You must plan for how you will store it and cook it, so finding foods that don't require refrigeration or minimal effort to prepare will work best. At Burgers' Smokehouse, we offer many great options to take when planning a day trip or overnight trip outdoors. We will show you our favorite breakfast ideas, snacks, and sweet treats.

    Breakfast Ideas

    From bacon to sausage, we can make your breakfast delicious. If you are planning to have a microwave, stovetop, hot plate, or campfire, we would suggest making a protein-packed breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito. Simply cook bacon, ham, or sausage - pick your favorite or pick them all - and put them with a slice of cheese and your favorite bread (slices, bagel, roll - your choice). If you have the equipment to accomplish, frying

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  3. Our Favorite Recipes with Sausage

    We have so many favorite recipes, here at Burgers' Smokehouse, but ones with sausage definitely rise to the top of the list.  We are fortunate that we continue to use our time honored recipes for the sausage we put our name on today.  

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  4. Biscuits and Gravy - our favorite recipe!

    Biscuits and gravy are a breakfast staple no matter what table you are at in the morning.  Over the years, we've noticed there are a lot of ideas on how to make the best biscuits and gravy, but we think our recipe is still the best.  So enjoy and add this to your list of best breakfast ideas!

    Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Recipe

    First, let's make the biscuits

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