Find the best ham recipes, tips about ham cuts, and learn what country ham is from Burgers' Smokehouse in our collection of blog posts.

  1. Spiral Sliced Ham Recipes and Cooking Tips

    Cooking smoked hams is easy. Watch this quick video on how to cook spiral-sliced ham. In this video recipe, bay leaves and cloves complement the ham glaze that comes with the 

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  2. Brown Sugar Ham Glaze - How to Make & More!

    You can almost taste the sweet, sticky glaze on a freshly baked ham, right?  Brown Sugar Ham Glaze and other finishing sauces are a staple for any Ham Dinner.  We want to share our special recipe and other favorites to add to your bone in ham glaze recipe collection!

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  3. Best Tasting Side Dishes for Ham

    It's that time again...you are planning a delicious meal, knowing you'll want to serve ham, but then you are debating what to serve with it? The best part about ham, especially if you are serving one of our hams, is it's sweet and smoky flavor will go well with nearly anything you choose. From our kitchen, we'd like to give you some tips and thoughts on sides (and other dishes) that not only go well with ham but leave with you with a table full of flavor!

    Here are our initial planning tips:

    1. Does anyone have any allergies coming to your meal?

    2. Plan for at least two vegetables - one starch-based and one "green" vegetable

    3. Will you have a side glaze for your ham?

    4. Will you want to serve bread?

    5. DEFINITELY, plan a dessert!

    With these tips in mind, here are some side dish recommendations to serve with your best ham.

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  4. Easter Ham Recipes

    Easter is just around the corner! Have you started planning your Easter celebration yet? This special celebration deserves only the best and we are here to inspire you with the best Easter ham recipes. Worried about how to cook a ham? Worry no more - we can give you plenty of ready to heat options that will impress even the most scrutinizing guest at the table.

    Hickory Smoked City Ham

    First things, first...how to cook a ham? Well, in our opinion that's easy. Let us cook it for you! Our Hickory Smoked City Hams are all brine aged (in a sweet honey brine), slow-smoked, and fully cooked to perfection. It takes us almost a week to make this ham! But once it's packaged for you, you can choose to serve it at room temperature or warm it for a bit in the oven. Either way, it tastes delicious!  You can choose

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  5. Pineapple Ham - and other tips for the Perfect Spring Ham!

    Cooked Hams are the perfect center piece to any celebration, but especially your favorite spring holidays, including Easter and Mother's Day!

    On our previous posts, we talked a lot about 

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  6. Cured Ham - the Artisan Way

    Burgers' Smokehouse Artisan Hams

    Originated in a small, country Ham House, the Burgers family has been crafting premium hams and gourmet food with a down-home feel for 90 years. At Burgers’ Smokehouse, premium ham is our specialty. In the above video, we explain that the best ham is a matter of taste. T

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  7. Curing Ham - Our Process for Curing Country Hams

    Our story of curing ham that has led us to being in business for 65 years!  And we'll give a little behind the scenes about our process.  Our story begins in the 1800's when our Founder's Mother, Hulda, traveled to the U.S. with her expertise in curing ham and the family recipes.  Curing ham was a way of life, not a future business!

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  8. Best Leftover Ham Casserole Recipes

    We know it might be hard to imagine ham being left over from a meal, but if there is, we have some recipes to make sure all of that delicious ham does not go to waste!  And when we say, save your extra ham for other recipes - we mean save it all!  From the bone for using in your favorite soup recipe to any slices or small pieces, there is a recipe for those delicious pieces of ham.

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  9. How To - For Baking Ham

    Whether it's the holidays or Sunday lunch, smoked ham is often a favorite main dish to be served.  But if you are like many people, knowing how to cook a ham is often a question that needs to be answered.  Luckily, here at Burgers' Smokehouse, we take the stress away from needing to actually cook the ham and provide you with many options of ready to heat, full of flavor hams!

    Our most popular ham, the Hickory Smoked City Ham, can be delivered as a whole ham, half ham, spiral  hams or even pre-glazed

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  10. How to Cook a Ham

    Burgers' Smokehouse shows how simple cooking hams

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