Fry it up for breakfast. Grill it up for dinner. Or even enjoy it as a snack. We guarantee you'll love choosing from our entire line of premium breakfast sausage, summer sausage, or polish sausage!

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  1. Pride of Missouri
    Pride of Missouri

    Starting at $74.99

  2. Colossal Sausage and Cheese
  3. Sausage and Cheese Gift Box
  4. Breakfast Pork Sausage
    Breakfast Pork Sausage

    Starting at $62.00

  5. Country Link Sausage
    Country Link Sausage

    Starting at $64.00

  6. Appetizer Sampler
    Appetizer Sampler

    Starting at $165.00

  7. Colossal Appetizer Sampler
    Colossal Appetizer Sampler

    Starting at $300.00

  8. Hickory Smoked Bacon and Kielbasa
  9. Grillers BBQ Gift Box
    Grillers BBQ Gift Box

    Starting at $145.00

  10. Sausage Stick Sampler
    Sausage Stick Sampler

    Starting at $64.00

  11. Deluxe Sausage and Cheese Box
  12. Polish Kielbasa Sausage
    Polish Kielbasa Sausage

    Starting at $64.00

  13. Day Trip Pack
    Day Trip Pack

    Starting at $59.99

  14. The Wild Game Sausage Sampler
  15. Smoked Pork Sausage Patties
  16. Wild Game Snack Stick Sampler
  17. Rope Pork Sausage
    Rope Pork Sausage

    Starting at $67.00

  18. Summer Sausage Sampler
    Summer Sausage Sampler

    Starting at $67.00

  19. Smokehouse Treat
    Smokehouse Treat

    Starting at $62.00

  20. Sausage Gift Box
    Sausage Gift Box

    Starting at $54.99

  21. Pork Sausage Sampler
    Pork Sausage Sampler

    Starting at $69.00

  22. Breakfast Pork Sausage Chubs
  23. Summer Sausage
    Summer Sausage

    Starting at $39.00

  24. Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Sausage with Cheese
  25. Beef Snack Sticks
    Beef Snack Sticks

    Starting at $57.00

  26. Beef Sticks with Jalapeno and Cheese
  27. Ozark Recipe Snack Sticks
    Ozark Recipe Snack Sticks

    Starting at $55.00

  28. Ozark Summer Sausage
    Ozark Summer Sausage

    Starting at $45.00

  29. Venison Snack Sticks
    Venison Snack Sticks

    Starting at $78.00

  30. Elk Snack Sticks
    Elk Snack Sticks

    Starting at $78.00

  31. Hot Beef Snack Sticks
    Hot Beef Snack Sticks

    Starting at $57.00

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36 items

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