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Rope Pork Sausage

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R244Four packages-Seasoned Mild
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R254Four packages-Seasoned Medium
R258Eight packages-Seasoned Medium
R274Four packages-Seasoned Hot
R278Eight packages-Seasoned Hot

Do you have memories of butchering day and how you looked forward to the next day's breakfast?

At our house, it was generally fresh country rope sausage, steam cooked in an iron skillet with a cup of water.

When the sausage was about done, we poured off any remaining water, let it brown and served it up.

Shop our Rope Pork Sausage and re-create those memories or learn what it would have been like to live on the farm.

We offer three seasoning styles - Mild, Medium, or Hot, and each is packed in one pound packages.

Ships Frozen, so stock your freezer today!

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