Learn about BBQ ribs, how to smoke meats, plus recipes and tips for finding the best BBQ Sauces - all from Burgers' Smokehouse.

  1. BBQ Smoking Tips and Quick Meal Ideas!

    BBQ smoking - a trend that has continued to grow across the country.  Here at Burgers' Smokehouse, we view bbq smoking as something we take pride in sharing with our friends, families, and customers, rather than a trend!  Please read along as we share some of our bbq smoking tips and recipes!

    Perfecting the science of bbq smoking starts with:

    1. Quality of Meat
    2. Patience
    3. Smokehouse (perfecting time & temperature)
    4. Natural Wood for smoking

    Preparing BBQ Ribs here at the Smokehouse

    To start, we select fresh quality meats, in our opinion the best meats to smoke, and then dry rub them with our award-winning blend of spices and seasonings.  Before they reach the smokehouses, we allow them to age in a cool environment for maximum flavor from the rub recipe for several days.

    Next, we transfer them to our smokehouses (just larger than an at-home smoker), where they are smoked with ou

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  2. Baby Back Ribs - Cooking Instructions Artisan Style baby back ribs searing method 

    Burgers' Smokehouse takes the time and cares to uphold a 90-year-old tradition of slow-smoking signature sauced baby back ribs. These pork ribs are first hand-coated with a secret Burgers family spice blend.

    Then, the ribs are allowed to rest in those spices for many days before being slow-smoked for hours to achieve the deep, rich flavor and naturally juicy, mouth-watering ribs. Unlike most baby back ribs for sale at grocery stores, Burgers' never uses liquid smoke and never adds water. They are smoked with real 100% hickory wood. There are absolutely no short-cuts.

    How to Cook Baby Back Ribs

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    Baby back ribs are wonderful heated up on the grill, from the oven, or in a crockpot

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  3. The Different Kinds of BBQ Rubs and Sauces for Ribs

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    BBQ rib rubs and sauces vary across the country from state to state depending on where

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  4. The Ultimate Guide to Ribs

    Nothing says barbeque like a rack of good old-fashioned ribs. Ribs usually refer to pork or beef ribs, but ribs can also be made from lamb, elk, buffalo, venison, and other animals. Ribs can be cooked, or heated, on the grill, in the oven, or slow cooker. They are usually coated with barbecue sauce or other spices. Ribs are served as a rack of meat and the individual ribs are cut and eaten right off the bone.

    How to…. Know the Difference Between Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs

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  5. How to Cook Bacon on The Grill


    Grilled Bacon Recipe - Grilling bacon can get tricky. The key is a slab of uncut, premium bacon, or thick-cut bacon steaks. The high-fat content can cause flares, so do not put bacon directly over the flames unless closely watched and carefully handled with barbecue tongs.


    Slab bacon or Steak Bacon (thick-cut)

    ** Try Applewood Smoked Bacon or Hickory Smoked Country Bacon slabs or Dry-cured, smoked bacon steaks in Cajun, Applewood, Country, or Peppered.

    How to barbecue slab bacon:

    1. Preheat grill to 250-375°F, if the temperature gauge is available on your grill. If not, you can estimate the heat at medium.
    2. Cook bacon indirectly, avoiding putting it directly over the fire. After an hour at 250-375°F, take it off the grill.
    3. Next, slice
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