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Find easy & great tasting recipes for breakfast, dinner, cookouts & more featuring Burgers' Smokehouse meats & other delicious ingredients.

  1. Five Best Steak Recipes for the Grill

    Steak is a meal you can eat year-round, but when the weather warms up & the grills come back out, steak becomes a more frequent choice. Grilling a good steak, without any fixings, is a fantastic choice, but we sometimes find ourselves wanting to add a little more. Here are some tips and recipes to take your steak meals to a new level.

    Bacon-Wrapped Steak

    This is one of our best steak recipes. Although bacon-wrapped steaks may sound common, using high-quality bacon that holds up well on the grill is key (hint, hint - Burgers' Smokehouse bacon). We also suggest adding just the right amount of herbs & butter for an extra savory eating experience.

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  2. Best Summertime Recipes for Pasta Sides

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    Are you looking for the perfect summertime recipe to serve as a side dish? Crowd-pleasing mains—like the Rib Connoisseur Sampler, Bacon Wrapped Filet and Chicken, and unbeatable steak burgers—are perfectly paired with pasta dishes easy-to-make and high to impress without giving up the comfort-food cravings of barbecue season.

    Whether warm mac and cheese for hearty fare or fresh pasta salad to complement summer foods like watermelon (check out the watermelon salad bonus recipe at the bottom), these surefire hits can be made ahead.

    All-The-Cheese Bacon Mac and Cheese

    (Serves 4-8)

    One of your favorite summertime kids' food updates for grown-up dinner guests with this rich, savory side. This comfort food fun is a decadent del

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  3. Bacon Lovers Side Dishes for Amazing Cookout Menus!

    We understand that you love bacon. We love bacon, too. Burgers Smokehouse takes the time, using the best bellies and processes to dry cure & smoke bacon without added water, unlike what you find in grocery stores! It is love you can taste. So, why not make a bacon part of your ultimate summer menu? These dishes make stand-out sides for cookouts to complement your summer BBQ menu. Try them with our steak sampler for an impressive summer soiree.

    Summer's Sweetest Potato Salad

    (Serves 8-10)

    Cookout menus get tastier with this hearty update on the ordinary potato salad. The sweet potatoes add texture and natural sweetness to play against this salty, savory bacon-rich potato salad. Try using any of the bacon varieties from our Sliced, Country, Colossal, Ultimate, or Bacon Connoisseurs samplers.



    • 5 medium red, purple and/or golden potatoes
    • 3 medium sweet potatoes, peeled
    • 16
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  4. Quick Guide - How to Cook Steaks

    Whether it's summer or winter, cooking steaks is always in season.  And if you are cooking a steak, we want to make sure your final product is something you are proud to serve or enjoy yourself!  

    Remember to

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  5. Spiral Sliced Ham Recipes and Cooking Tips

    Cooking smoked hams is easy. Watch this quick video on how to cook spiral-sliced ham. In this video recipe, bay leaves and cloves complement the ham glaze that comes with the 

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  6. Brown Sugar Ham Glaze - How to Make & More!

    You can almost taste the sweet, sticky glaze on a freshly baked ham, right?  Brown Sugar Ham Glaze and other finishing sauces are a staple for any Ham Dinner.  We want to share our special recipe and other favorites to add to your bone in ham glaze recipe collection!

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  7. Best Tasting Side Dishes for Ham

    It's that time are planning a delicious meal, knowing you'll want to serve ham, but then you are debating what to serve with it? The best part about ham, especially if you are serving one of our hams, is it's sweet and smoky flavor will go well with nearly anything you choose. From our kitchen, we'd like to give you some tips and thoughts on sides (and other dishes) that not only go well with ham but leave with you with a table full of flavor!

    Here are our initial planning tips:

    1. Does anyone have any allergies coming to your meal?

    2. Plan for at least two vegetables - one starch-based and one "green" vegetable

    3. Will you have a side glaze for your ham?

    4. Will you want to serve bread?

    5. DEFINITELY, plan a dessert!

    With these tips in mind, here are some side dish recommendations to serve with your best ham.

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  8. 2020 Easter Side Dishes

    Have you marked your calendar?  Easter 2020 is Sunday, April 12th, and there is no reason to not start planning for all of the delicious Easter side dishes you might want to serve or take to your celebration.  Especially the best side dish for ham.  With Easter being especially late in the season this year, you may be able to use some fresh produce depending on where you live, but that will not be case for us in Central Missouri!  With that in are some ideas we have.

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  9. Breakfast Recipes with Eggs...and our favorite meats!

    Breakfast, by many, is considered the most important meal of the day.  So if you are eating breakfast often, we assume new breakfast ideas and recipes are welcomed! At Burgers' Smokehouse, we view bringing new ideas for breakfast as our full-time job.  Whether it's a cheesy egg and bacon or egg, ham and potato combination, we hope you love these recipes as much as we do.

    Breakfast Enchiladas

    Looking for an easy recipe that combines a love for eating our food wrapped in a tortilla with eggs, ham, cheese and more.  Make these the night

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  10. 10 Best Breakfast Ideas for Bacon Lovers

    The best thing about waking up isn't bacon. And though a few strips alongside eggs and toast is about as classic a morning feast as you can get, there are plenty of other breakfast ideas that include bacon to try, too. Here are a few of our favorite recipes from breakfast food bloggers to cure your cravings.

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