Everything about bacon from Burgers' Smokehouse - including how to bake bacon, how we make our bacon & other delicious bacon tips!

  1. Gifting Ideas For Foodies and Bacon Lovers

    Need a gift and out of ideas?  How about a gift you know they'll enjoy AND use, such as, a gourmet food gift? There is nothing worse than receiving

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  2. Bacon Recipes - from the Burgers' Smokehouse Kitchen

    We love 

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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Bacon

    The Ultimate Guide to Bacon

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  4. Ultimate Grilled BLT Bacon Lover Recipe

    Ultimate Grilled BLT Bacon  Lover Recipe

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  5. How to Cook Bacon on The Grill

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  6. Bacon Lovers Side Dishes for Amazing Cookout Menus!

    We understand that you love bacon. We love bacon, too. Burgers Smokehouse takes the time, using the best bellies and processes to dry cure & smoke bacon without added water, unlike what you find in grocery stores! It is love you can taste. So, why not make a bacon part of your ultimate summer menu? These dishes make stand-out sides for cookouts to complement your summer BBQ menu. Try them with our steak sampler for an impressive summer soiree.

    Summer's Sweetest Potato Salad

    (Serves 8-10)

    Cookout menus get tastier with this hearty update on the ordinary potato salad. The sweet potatoes add texture and natural sweetness to play against this salty, savory bacon-rich potato salad. Try using any of the bacon varieties from our Sliced, Country, Colossal, Ultimate, or Bacon Connoisseurs samplers.



    • 5 medium red, purple and/or golden potatoes
    • 3 medium sweet potatoes, peeled
    • 16
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  7. Canadian Bacon - Why do we love it?

    What is Canadian Bacon you may ask?  To start, the name Canadian Bacon is most common in the U.S., but in other parts of the world this same bacon may be referred to as Irish bacon, English bacon or even 'back bacon.'  When you view Canadian bacon vs. bacon (American bacon), the biggest difference is bacon we are used to is cut from the pork belly, with easily seen streaks for fat and meat woven together into a delectable treat.

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  8. How to Bake Bacon - a Quick and Easy Guide

    Baking bacon?  It may not have been our original method, but over the years we've discovered there are several advantages if someone is to bake bacon in the oven over frying it on the stove. For one, if you bake bacon in the oven, it results in a more even cook, which is especially important for cooking a big batch—a pound, for instance.

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  9. 10 Best Breakfast Ideas for Bacon Lovers

    The best thing about waking up isn't bacon. And though a few strips alongside eggs and toast is about as classic a morning feast as you can get, there are plenty of other breakfast ideas that include bacon to try, too. Here are a few of our favorite recipes from breakfast food bloggers to cure your cravings.

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  10. Baking Bacon and Sweet Bacon Dessert Recipes

    Order Your Bacon for your Recipes!

    Baking bacon is the secret to perfect no-mess, no-fuss bacon. Although we've addressed this before, it's the best for desserts and big batches at summertime gatherings. Baking bacon keeps your eyes and hands-free, so you can multitask without any disasters or distractions. It has minimal cleanup and is safer for busy kitchens. This is an easy way to have inexperienced cooks and kids help in the kitchen, too. We have included three bacon recipes to kick off your bacon baking obsession! 
    Baking bacon is easy. Make baked goods into baking greats when you use the best ingredients, like Burgers' Smokehouse. Try Applewood (made with spices and cane sugar) or Maple Country bacon, in particular for your baking needs!

    Baking the best bacon:

    • Preheat
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