Gift Ideas

Find the best food gift ideas from Burgers' Smokehouse - perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or a surprise for a co-worker!

  1. Gifting Ideas For Foodies and Bacon Lovers

    Need a gift and out of ideas?  How about a gift you know they'll enjoy AND use, such as, a gourmet food gift? There is nothing worse than receiving

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  2. Gourmet Meals Delivered

    Gourmet meals delivered right to your door.  Yes, there are lots of options out there, but how do you know if they are truly gourmet?  Will truly

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  3. 2020 Holiday Gift Baskets

    Holiday gift baskets are a delight to both give and receive.  With so many options out in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to decide which is the best!  At Burgers' Smokehouse, we are partial to holiday gift baskets that include meat, food or other p

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  4. Father's Day 2020 - Food Gifts for Men

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    June is just around the corner. That means Father's Day will be here before you know it. Not sure how to show your appreciation? We have the answer - the gift of bacon or steaks or other smoked meats!

    Taking an unofficial poll around the office, it was unanimous that getting a box of summer sausages, fresh steaks, or a bacon sampler pack would be preferred over another shirt, tie, or tool. If you think your Dad would feel the same way, let us help you with these suggestions!

    The Grilling Guru

    Is your Dad the King of the Grill? Sounds like one of these two sampler packs would be perfect for him:

    • Steak Sampler Packs - choose from any of our steak samplers - from
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  5. Food Gifts for all Occasions in 2020

    At Burgers' Smokehouse, we love to share.  Share our love of great food, with our team members, friends and family.  For decades, we have been able to provide food gifts, including meat and cheese gift baskets, smoked and cured hams and bacon for shipment all over the U.S.A.

    Why should you send a food gift?  If you are lucky enough to be like most, many people you will be selecting a gift for throughout the year or this holiday season, already have what they need at their home.  But food?  Not only do people share a deep love and appreciation for food, but a food gift serves a basic purpose that everyone has... to continue to eat AND assumes people love to share a great food find with others!  

    Gift for Him

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  6. The Best 2020 Birthday Gift Ideas

    Anyone need to buy a birthday gift for the person who has it all?  Worse yet, they have it all and you have no idea what to get them?  Prepare to stress no more.  We have lots of great food gifts that are sure to delight and better yet, they can be shipped directly to their door.

    What are some of the best food gifts to send?  It depends on their interests and how you think they will use them.  If you have an avid griller on the list - you might consider giving them a break from the grill and a chance to experience another type of barbecue by sending one of these bbq samplers.

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  7. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine's Day, in the modern world, is a day focused on showing your love and gratitude for those in your life that you appreciate the most.  If you are like many, you might be struggling with what the perfect "something" is for those people in your life.  Especially if they are men.  As we were discussing  this here at the smokehouse, an obvious answer rose to the top.  Give the Valentines Day Gift of bacon or possibly another smoked meat! Who doesn't LOVE bacon?  And who would not want to receive it as a Valentines Day Gift?  No one that we could think here are our top ideas:

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  8. Care Package Ideas in 2020

    An easy way to brighten someone's day, especially when they are away from home or have had a life change, is with a care package. Whether they are away to school, camp or serving in the military OR have moved away for a job or just lost a loved one, we have several care package ideas to share!

    We first suggest making a list of things they like, things that would bring a smile to their face and if you are sending food, make sure you know if they have access to refrigeration or not.  And we do suggest sending food...everyone has to eat and it's often a source of fond memories!

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