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Super Trim Style Steaks

Perfect to heat or fry for any meal of the day!

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B422 Four 5 oz. Super Trim Style Steaks
B424 Eight 5 oz. Super Trim Style Steaks

All of our country ham is crafted from fresh hams that are hand-rubbed with a dry cure mixture; paper wrapped and aged to create the best bold flavor country ham you've ever tasted.  Our Country Ham Steaks are sliced from only the center portion of these hams before they are super trimmed to remove the rind and exterior fat to within 1/4" trim and then conveniently packed two per package for easy use at home.  These steaks are popular in the marketplace and are perfect to heat or fry for any meal of the day.  Enjoy authentic country ham alongside your favorite side or gravy whenever you have a craving!

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