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Holiday Feast Combo

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K2041SOne 6 to 7.5 lb. Ham, One 8-10 lb. Turkey
K2041One 7.5-8.5 lb. Ham, One 10-12 lb. Turkey

Holiday Ham and Turkey Gifts

This combination of our award-winning Spiral Sliced City Ham (with our homemade Honey Ham Glaze) and Smoked Turkey is perfect for your next feast. Delight your guests with this succulent and tender combination. Fully cooked, just heat and serve. Perfect for a holiday meal with family and friends. Our Sweet City Cured Honey hams are moist cured with our special recipe sweet brine solution. These hams are sweet and moist and gently smoked.

Combo Contains:

  • One Spiral Sliced City Ham
  • One Smoked Turkey
  • Honey Ham Glaze

Holiday Feast

Just like the name suggests, this gift package truly creates a holiday feast for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any holiday throughout the year when a celebration is in order.  With a whole spiral cut bone in ham and a whole smoked turkey, it’s a feast before you add your favorite side dishes & desserts!

Turkey and Ham Gifts

Giving a smoked turkey or whole spiral sliced smoked ham as a gift is a great way to show appreciation and thanks or treat anyone on your list to a great tasting Christmas gift!  Ours come expertly packed and arrives in a sturdy cooler with instructions for preparing both items.

Honey Glaze

Our honey glaze is a simple recipe that adds a sweet finish to both the smoked ham & smoked turkey.  Glaze it on the product and bake or heat the glaze and allow guests to serve the glaze themselves alongside their portion of ham & turkey.

How much meat per person?


Serving Sizes:

Estimate 3/4 lb. per person for Bone-In Meats

Estimate 1/2 lb. per person for Boneless Meats


Basic Meat Serving Suggestion Tips

  • Standalone meats such as chicken breast or steak allow 6 to 8 ounces per person.
  • Stuffed Meats allow 4 to 6 ounces per person.
  • Meats served in a BBQ Sauce or gravy allow 4 to 5 ounces per person.
  • When serving hamburgers allow 8 ounces per person.
  • Serving sizes vary depending on when a meal is served. Meat portions are generally 25% smaller at lunch time than dinner time.
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