Boneless Prime Rib RoastBoneless Prime Rib Roast
Cooked Beef Prime Rib MealCooked Beef Prime Rib Meal

Cooked Beef Prime Rib

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J311One 4 to 5 lb. Prime Rib
J312Two 4 to 5 lb. Prime Ribs Roasts

Shop our premium beef and be guaranteed the best quality and flavor possible. To make our fully cooked beef prime rib, we start with a fresh beef roast and season it with our secret dry rub mix. After giving the roast and cure time to age ("rest") for flavor development, we cook it Sous Vide Style.

Sous Vide is a French method of cooking. Food is vacuum-sealed in airtight plastic bags and cooked at low temperatures in water or temperature-controlled steam environment for longer than standard cooking times.

This means that your roast will be tender and moist and never overcooked. Plus the natural juices and seasoning remain in the cooking bag to further enhance the flavor of your roast.

Enjoy a fully cooked, gourmet style roast in the comfort of your own home. Simply heat it and eat it in 30-40 minutes.

How much meat per person?


Serving Sizes:

Estimate 3/4 lb. per person for Bone-In Meats

Estimate 1/2 lb. per person for Boneless Meats


Basic Meat Serving Suggestion Tips

  • Standalone meats such as chicken breast or steak allow 6 to 8 ounces per person.
  • Stuffed Meats allow 4 to 6 ounces per person.
  • Meats served in a BBQ Sauce or gravy allow 4 to 5 ounces per person.
  • When serving hamburgers allow 8 ounces per person.
  • Serving sizes vary depending on when a meal is served. Meat portions are generally 25% smaller at lunch time than dinner time.
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