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Colossal Ham Steak Sampler

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K2028One Colossal Ham Steak Sampler
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Sampler lets you try all three of our famous hams. All of our hams are made from high quality, fresh hams, but from there, our country hams are dry-cured with a simple salt & brown sugar cure before being paper wrapped and hung to age for a bold flavor to enjoy in every bite.

Attic Aged Hams are aged over 210 days and our traditional country ham over 90 days! The hickory-smoked city hams are brine-cured and slow-smoked over natural wood chips for a sweet & savory flavor.

All of our ham steaks are carefully sliced, and vacuum packaged to lock in freshness and flavor. These steaks are perfect on a sandwich or as a tasty breakfast meat. 3.5 oz. portioned steaks - packed two slices per package. 

Sampler Contains:

  • Three packages Attic Aged Ham (6 cuts)
  • Three packages Smoked City Ham (6 cuts)
  • Three packages Smokehouse Country Ham (6 cuts)
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