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Attic Aged Uncooked Country Ham

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Our E.M. Burger Attic Aged Country Hams are made with the same dedication and attention to detail that E.M. used back in 1927. 

If you buy our Attic Aged Uncooked Country Ham, you will be enjoying a country ham that was dry-cured with our simple salt, sugar and black pepper cure and aged for bold flavor for over 210 days! 

After aging, it's expertly packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag to preserve freshness and flavor before shipping to its destination.  A flavor like this is one to be experienced and enjoyed, whether you are a true country ham enthusiast or just enjoy great food.

Available in whole or half ham sizes and this ham does need to be cooked before eating. 

How To Bake A Country Ham Instructions

*Helpful Hint: Ham may be cooked the day prior to serving.

  • Scrub ham in the sink under warm water with a clean scrub brush to remove mold and other residues.
  • Soak the ham in cold water at room temperature for up to 12 hours to lower salt content. (Optional)
  • Place ham, skin side up, in a deep roaster on a shallow rack to keep the bottom of ham from scorching.

*Helpful Hint: Cut off the hock if the ham is too big for your roaster.

  • Add water and one cup of sorghum, honey, or brown sugar to cover as much of ham as possible, but stay at least two inches from the top of the roaster.
  • Insert meat thermometer, cover roaster, and SIMMER, NOT BOIL in the oven slowly at 250 degrees F.

*Helpful Hint: If the water level does not cover at least 2/3 of ham, turn the ham over midway
through baking time to ensure even cooking.


  • Remove ham from oven when the thermometer reaches 158 degrees F.
  • Allow ham to slowly cool in the liquid, and then drain all but 1 inch of liquid.
  • Remove skin and excess fat and return to the roaster for glazing (optional).
  • Leave the desired layer of fat so the glaze will cling to the surface.

How To Glaze A Country Ham Instructions

  • Make a thick paste using 1 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup vinegar.
  • Apply to the fat side of the ham.
  • Place in 400 degree F oven for 20 minutes or until glaze is browned.

*Helpful Hint: Watch ham closely during the glazing process to avoid burning.

Learn How To Cook A Country Ham Video

How much ham do I need?

Serving Sizes:

Estimate 3/4 lb. per person for Bone-In Ham

Estimate 1/2 lb. per person for Boneless Ham


For a 10 person dinner, you will need a Bone-In Ham 7.5 to 10 lbs. or a 5 lb. Boneless Ham.

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