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Attic Aged Ham Sliced and Vacuum Sealed

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A318Half Attic Aged Ham 7.5 to 8.5 lbs.
A3015Attic Aged Ham 15 to 17 lbs.

E.M. Burger Private Stash - Attic Aged Ham is our pride and joy. We take our time to use only the freshest hams, dry cure them with our salt, pepper and sugar mixture and age them for over 210 days, just like our found E.M. Burger did when he cured his first hams in 1927.

To create this product, we sliced this ham into ready to cook slices and packaged them into vacuum-sealed packaging to ensure freshness and flavor when you are ready to use them. Choose between a whole or half ham - sliced for convenience. Whole Ham - center slices will be packed two slices per package. Half Ham - we slice the whole ham & alternate slices from each half to give you a true half ham.

Center Cut Slices will be packed one slice per packages and end cut slices three or more slices per package. Keep refrigerated upon arrival.

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