Hickory Smoked Half City Ham UnslicedHickory Smoked Half City Ham Unsliced
Wood Stove Roasted Ham UnslicedWood Stove Roasted Ham Unsliced

Wood Stove Roasted Ham Spiral Sliced

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H13109 to 10.5 lbs. Skin-on Half Ham
H121918 to 20 lbs. Skin-on Whole Ham

Only the best products are part of our E.M. Burger Private Stash collection. The Wood Stove Roasted Smoked City Ham is special because it's a true original method for brining and smoking a ham.

We start with a fresh bone-in ham but leave the skin and fat intact as it marinates in a sweet, honey brine. It's then slow-smoked over natural hickory wood chips, with the skin keeping all of those natural juices with the ham.

It's sweeter, juicier and more succulent than our other hams. After smoking, it's spiral-sliced, and vacuum packaged to preserve the flavor before being shipped to you.

Prepare to be amazed and enjoy the natural flavor of our prized ham. Complimentary Honey Glaze packet is included.

Half Ham (Item: H1310) serves 10 to 12 guests

Whole Ham (Item: H1219) serves 20 to 23 guests.

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Learn how to heat and serve your Wood Roasted Spiral Sliced Ham

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