Factory Country Store Hours:


The Factory Country Store (retail store) is currently closed to the public and will remain closed until further notice.  


Please check back for updates regarding potential re-opening.  We encourage our customers to look for our products at local grocery stores.


Please call us with any questions or to place an order!  1-800-624-5426

We are here!

Located along the Moreau River, Burgers' Smokehouse is 1.5 miles south of California, Missouri on a farm off Highway 87. Just follow the signs.

Each year thousands of folks stop by our Visitor Center and Factory Country Store.

With the help of artist Terry Chase and his assistant, George Baldwin, the Visitor Center features dioramas that depict the seasons of the year. Other exhibits display ingredients, pictures, and artifacts that explain the art of meat curing.

As you enter the visitor center over a covered bridge, windows on the left open to a Spring diorama scene while the other windows on the right overlook a Winter scene. Water runs under the bridge and through the dioramas continuously.

After exiting the bridge, you enter a Fall setting depicting a farmyard that features a handmade waterwheel. Slim (our little hillbilly boy) sits in the hayloft to welcome you to the Smokehouse.

You proceed around the next corner and there is Missouri in the Summertime. Wild turkey, deer, squirrel, and an assortment of wildlife as it appears in the Missouri Ozarks, are a part of this large diorama. From the bottom of the pool, up the cliffs to the sky is 2 1/2 stories high, making it one of the largest dioramas in the United States. Painting with a small brush on such a large canvas required a great deal of time, talent, and patience. The Summertime Diorama is, indeed, impressive.

As you proceed down the hall to the Smokehouse reception desk, on your left you will notice a miniature replica depicting the old covered bridge that used to cross the Moreau River, located a few hundred yards south of the Smokehouse.

When you enter our sales room, tell our receptionist you would like to see our Video tour.  The salesperson will seat you in our theater and start the video. This takes approximately 10 minutes and will give you a good overview of our business.

As you drive down the lane from the Smokehouse, we hope that you will feel that the time you have spent at Burgers' Smokehouse was both enjoyable and informational.