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Smoked Whole City Ham

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H2013City Whole Ham Unsliced 13-15 lbs.
H2015City Whole Ham Unsliced 15-17 lbs.
H2017City Whole Ham Unsliced 17-19 lbs.

Our best selling ham is available any way you like it! The ham featured here is our Hickory Smoked City Ham - Whole. Why buy this ham? Because we use fresh hams that are expertly trimmed for excess fat before they are brined with our sweet honey cure ingredients and slow-smoked & fully cooked over natural hickory wood chips for a sweet & savory flavor that has caused customers to keep coming back every year to enjoy more.

To guarantee safe arrival at your door, we vacuum package our hams to lock in the flavor and freshness and make them convenient to store in the freezer or fridge. Enjoy this ham or any of our offerings today!

Serving Sizes:

Item: H2013 - 15-17 people

Item: H2015 - 17-19 people

Item: H2017 - 19-22 people

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