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Bacon and Pork Jowl Sampler Bacon and Pork Jowl Sampler

Sliced Peppered Pork Jowl

We add a little extra pepper to the cure to give it a kick!

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Have you tried our Peppered Pork Jowl? It's from the jowl of the pig and is full of flavor! At Burgers' Smokehouse, our country pork jowl is dry cured, with high-quality ingredients and aged for flavor.

Also, for this one, we add a little extra pepper to the cure to give it a kick! It's then expertly smoked over real natural hickory wood chips for a delicate smoke flavor.

We often refer to it as Bacon's Twisted Relative, since its taste and traditional serving methods are very similar to regular bacon. We have conveniently sliced this peppered pork jowl so that it is ready to be fried or baked and eaten or further diced and added to vegetables or soups for a natural, full flavor seasoning.

We guarantee our quality and to do that; we package it into airtight vacuum seal 1 lb. Packages, before shipping to your door. 

How To Prepare Pork Jowl

  • If sliced – it is ready for any of the cooking methods below.
  • If a chunk – slice into long slices, chunks, or dice depending on usage intentions.


Note - recommend using a sharp knife since the chunk jowl still has the rind on.

How To Pan Fry Pork Jowl

  • Arrange slices in cold skillet.
  • Cook slowly over low heat – be sure to turn the slices of jowl while frying until crisp and golden grown.
  • Remove slices and drain on a paper towel.

How To Microwave Pork Jowl

  • Place slices between paper towels.
  • We recommend, cooking 4 slices on a high for three minutes.
  • Then cook at 30-second intervals until desired crispness and doneness are achieved.
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