Your Personal Gift List

Sign in with your email address.  If you have never given us an email address, or the website can not find your email address, you will have to sign up with us.

You will have to set your password the first time you sign in to the website.

If your email was in our records, once you have signed in, you will see previous addresses you have sent to.  Your address book is now manageable by you and you can delete any addresses you do not want to show up.   Your address book entries will be available to you after you fill your cart, if you want to ship to any of them. 

The process of shipping to multiple addresses has changed somewhat with our new website.  In the new website, you put all of the items into the cart and then select which items go to which addresses.

Make sure you use the multi-shipment checkout if you are going to send items to multiple addresses.

We hope you like the new website and the changes we have made.   You now have more control over the shipping addresses in your address book.