Fresh Frozen Frog Legs

Ready to cook and individually packaged by the pair. Shipped frozen.

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Shop for Frog Legs from Burgers' Smokehouse and know you can trust the quality you will be receiving.

Our folks here in the Ozarks have enjoyed this unique delicacy for years, and we are happy to have this available to ship to everyone. These high-quality frog legs are ready to cook, individually packaged by the pair and shipped frozen.

We suggest breading & frying them, but additional cooking instructions are included.

View Instructions (PDF)

Burgers’ Frog Legs

Frog Legs from farm raised frogs. Great deep fried, Cajun fried, battered and fried, and sautéed. Frog Legs are a rare food delicacy.
They can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Frying Frog Legs

1. Thaw frog legs completely in refrigerator.
2. Heat oil in skillet or deep fryer until hot. Oil is hot enough when a drop of water bounces across oil.
3. While oil is heating beat one egg and a cup of milk together.
4. In separate bowl mix one cup flour and ½ tsp salt together.
5. Separate frog legs into two pieces if desired.
6. Salt thawed frog legs. Dip frog legs in flour mixture, then dip into egg/milk solution, and re-dip in flour mixture. Make sure to coat legs fully with the flour mixture.
7. Place frog legs in hot oil. Legs should sizzle when placed in oil. Pan fry about 20 minutes turning to brown both sides. Deep fry about 8 to 10 minutes.
8. Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy, and a favorite vegetable or with plate of French fried potatoes.

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