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Dry Rub Sliced Brisket

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I322Sliced Brisket Two 12 oz. Trays
I324Sliced Brisket Four 12 oz. Trays

All of our HOMEMADE IN A HURRY® items are made with high-quality ingredients and our time-honored recipes to enjoy conveniently.

Our Dry Rubbed Beef Brisket makes an easy meal that your entire family can enjoy. We start with only the best hand-trimmed and perfectly marbled briskets available and then apply a simple mixture of high-quality cure ingredients for added flavor.

After aging the meat with the cure, we slow smoke and fully cook it to perfection. Next, we slice it and package it a convenient microwavable tray so that you can heat & eat it in under five minutes.

Enjoy by itself or with your favorite BBQ sauce after heating. 

Serving Size Per Tray - 3 people.

Smokemaster Tip: Notice the reddish ring around the brisket slices? This is referred to as a "smoke ring" and is a sign of quality hardwood smoking.

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