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Cajun Style Country Bacon

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D544Four 1 lb. pkgs. Cajun Bacon
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Try our gourmet dry cured country bacon today! Our Original Hickory Smoked Cajun Style Dry Cured Country Bacon starts with the most select bacon slabs before they are cured with high quality ingredients and aged for flavor in that cure.

With this bacon, we've added a blend of cajun spices to the cure mixture for a zesty kick! Next, as with all our dry cured bacons, no water is added during the cure process.

This means no water added, is no water to cook out and MORE BACON to eat! After aging and curing, it's slow smoked over Natural Hickory wood chips. It's then checked for quality and expertly packaged to prepare for shipment to your door.

It takes us several days to make this bacon! This is our traditional slice (approx. 6-8 slices per inch or 1/8") thickness. Perfect to store in the freezer - so stock up today!

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