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Burgers' Southern Smokehouse Ham
Short Aged (4 to 6 months) then gently smoked for a milder taste and aroma. This is our most popular country ham. Available uncooked, cooked, whole, half, spiral sliced and steaks.
Burgers' Ozark Ham
Aged naturally a "Country Year" (9 to 12 months) - this ham is for the "connoisseur" of old fashioned hams with taste being more robust than ham above. Available uncooked, cooked, whole, half, spiral sliced and steaks.
Cooked City Cured Ham
A City Cured Ham is one that is closely trimmed and cured with a "sweet brine." Then cooked and gently smoked at the same time to bring out that sweet, moist flavor. Hams are available bone-in, semi-boneless, boneless, whole, half, spiral sliced and steaks.
The Four Season of Curing a Ham

The old fashioned method of curing a ham evolved because there used to be no refrigeration and, of course, no freezing. The only refrigeration there was came from the cold of the winter. If a farmer wished to preserve a slaughtered hog, he had to use the means that were naturally available.

Fall and Winter:
For this reason, farmers slaughtered their hogs in late fall when temperatures were becoming quite cold and frosts were turning the last green of summer to rusty brown. They covered the hams with the right amount of cure which consisted of salt, sugar, pepper and other spices and wrapped them in paper to keep the cure against the ham and hung them in feed sacks in a corn crib or smokehouse. The cold of the winter prevented the ham from spoiling and allowed the cure to penetrate to the center of the ham.

By spring, the cure had penetrated to the center and the curing was complete. The farmers removed the paper wrapping and hung them again, this time, to dry. Since corn cribs were open buildings, the spring winds circulated around the hams and dried them. Ultimately, the hams would lose 25 percent of their weight.

But the greatest gain in flavor was yet to come. It took hanging in the hot, lazy days of summer for the hams to slowly age to perfection. It was not until the fall, after the hams had aged all summer and the mornings had become cool and crisp, that the hams would reach their ultimate flavor. It was then that they could be eaten and enjoyed. It took nearly a year to make a ham. This is how our father and his father cured hams. It is also the way we cure Ozark Country Cured Hams today.
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