Our History

When a visitor comes to tour our plant, we have traditionally given 1952 as the beginning date. But for the full story, we'd have to go back a bit farther.




Our story stems from a simpler way of life, when most folks didn’t have iceboxes, much less refrigerators. But they had a hog or two. And they needed to eat.

In 1927, our founder, E.M. Burger, cured his first six hams using an age-old recipe passed down from his mother. Today, this time-honored recipe is still basically the same.

At this point, most people wonder how he grew a business using
ingredients readily found in a pantry.

But what you might not know is that his most prized ingredient was
patience. Mr. Burger had bagged, cured and aged his first hams himself in accordance with ancient principles his mother passed down.

With that kind of personal investment, a craftsman takes a sense of ownership in his product. Especially if it’s a smoked ham that’s been curing patiently for the better part of the year.

The thing most people find truly surprising isn’t that our business started with six hams and the most basic ingredients. Rather, that the recipe hasn’t changed a bit since those original six hams.