Sous Vide Old Fashioned Pork Roast


R1143.5 to 4.5 lb. Pork Roast

R11108 to 10 lb. Pork Roast

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Create a truly special meal with just your oven. We start with fresh, never frozen, boneless Boston Butt pork roasts. After adding our own unique blend of salts and spices, the roasts are cooked using the Sous Vide technique to lock in all the natural juices.

Well marbled roasts are tender, and moist with natural juices for the perfect Au Jus or gravy.   Easy heat and serve entree that's perfect every time.

Sous Vide is a french method of cooking.  Food is vacuum sealed in airtight plastic bags and cooked at low temperatures in a water or temperature controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times.  This means that your roast will be tender and moist and never overcooked.  Plus the natural juices and seasoning remain in the cooking bag to further enhance the flavor of your roast.

Cooking Instructions

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