Signature Sauced Sliced Beef Brisket


I352Brisket Two 1 lb. packages

I354Brisket Four 1 lb. packages

I3451One 5 lb. Party Pack

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Our Signature Sauced Sliced Beef Brisket has been trimmed, hand seasoned, cooked and hickory smoked. Our BBQ smoked brisket renders the perfect balance of flavor, aroma and tenderness. Last but not least, a light baste of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce is added. This delicious sliced brisket is packaged in our HOMEMADE IN A HURRY!® microwave trays for simple, mistake-free heating and serving.

** New Party Pack bulk sizes available. Great for serving big crowds. Party Pack includes 5 lb. pkgs. Bulk packages are crock pot ready. (12-14 servings each) **

Cooking Instructions

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