Signature Sauced Pulled Pork


P812Two 1 lb. trays Pulled Pork

P814Four 1 lb. trays of Pulled Pork

P8151One 5 lb. Party Pack Pulled Pork

P8152Two 5 lb. Party Packs Pulled Pork

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Our Signature Sauced Pulled Pork is made from the highest quality smoked pork and makes a great BBQ pork sandwich. A true southern delicacy you can fix in just minutes thanks to our HOMEMADE IN A HURRY!
® microwave tray.

We start with the whole lean pork butts rubbed with our perfect blend of spices. After slow cooking and smoking with natural hickory, the tender, juicy pork is pulled while still hot and immediately combined with our special blend of sauce to allow the flavor to absorb throughout the meat. The finest you'll ever eat.

**Party Pack bulk size available. Great for serving big crowds. Bulk packages are crock pot ready. Each five pound Party Package easily serves up to 18 guests.

Cooking Instructions

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