Dry Rub St. Louis Style Ribs


P714Dry Rub St. Louis - Four Half Slabs

P662Dry Rub St. Louis - Two Full Slabs

P664Dry Rub St. Louis - Four Full Slabs

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Our Dry Rub St. Louis Style  Pork Ribs have been trimmed, leaving only the center bone portion of the pork ribs.

These ribs are rubbed with spice, cooked and hickory smoked using the same process as our Smokehouse Baby Back Ribs. Finished slabs are individually vacuum sealed for storage and serving convenience.  Available in full or half slab sizes.
  • Half Slab weighs 10 to 14 oz. each
  • Full Slab weighs 1.25 to 2.25 lbs. each

Cooking Instructions

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