Signature Sauced St. Louis Ribs


P634Sauced St. Louis - Four Half Slabs

P682Sauced St. Louis - Two Full Slabs

P684Sauced St. Louis - Four Full Slabs

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We make the best BBQ ribs in the country! St. Louis Style Ribs are pork ribs that have been trimmed, removing the most wasteful portion of the ribs.

These BBQ ribs are then hickory smoked and sauced using our Signature Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce. These are the tenderest, most succulent ribs you'll find.  Available in full or half slabs.


  • Half Slabs weigh 14 to 18 oz. each
  • Full Slabs weigh 1.75 to 2.75 lbs. each

Cooking Instructions

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