Rib Eye Steak


J1484Four 8 oz. Rib Eye Steaks

J1488Eight 8 oz. Rib Eye Steaks

J14104Four 10 oz. Rib Eye Steaks

J14108Eight 10 oz. Rib Eye Steaks

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All of our aged beef steaks make great grilling, but if you’re looking for the flavor of aged prime rib our Rib Eye Steaks are a great choice. We carve these hearty 8 and 10 oz. boneless steaks from the eye of the best, aged prime rib beef.

Those in the know appreciate their traditional, robust flavor. They make great family steaks because they are economically priced. We pack one in a package and ship them frozen. Complimentary steak seasoning is included with each order of steaks.

Cooking Instructions

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