Hawaiian Style Ribs


P654Hawaiian Style Ribs - Four Half Slabs

P592Hawaiian Style Ribs - Two Full Slabs

P594Hawaiian Style Ribs - Four Full Slabs

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Fresh meaty, St. Louis Cut pork slabs are hand rubbed with our secret blend of dry rub then allowed to "rest" so the flavor develops throughout.

Once cooked and naturally smoked we slather them in our Hawaiian Pineapple Sauce and quickly vacuum package to keep in all that goodness.  Sauce is slightly sweet and compliments the rich flavor of the ribs.  Available in full and half slabs.
  • Half Slabs weigh 14 to 18 oz.
  • Full slabs weigh 1.75 to 2.75 lbs.
We have done all the work so all that's left for you is heat and serve.


Cooking Instructions

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