Smoked Whole City Ham


H2013City Whole Ham Unsliced 13-15 lbs.

H2015City Whole Ham Unsliced 15-17 lbs.

H2017City Whole Ham Unsliced 17-19 lbs.

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Our best value in a City Ham. Pound for pound, some mighty fine ham. Our mild, moist ham with the sweet City cure only we can make. We use lean, tender hams which are carefully trimmed of any excess fat. Our skilled Smokemaster watches them until they take on that beautiful dark brown color from the slowly burning hickory wood.

This whole, bone-in City ham makes a delicious centerpiece of fine eating for any occasion. A complimentary honey glaze is included.  Our Sweet City Cured Honey hams are moist cured with our special recipe sweet brine solution. These hams are sweet and moist and gently smoked.

Cooking Instructions

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