Sausage Stick Sampler


S328Sausage Stick Sampler

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Our Sausage Stick Sampler contains Beef Sticks, Hot Beef Sticks, Pepperoni Seasoned Snack Sticks, and Ozark Summer Sticks.

These premium quality snack sticks are made with the best meat, spices and ingredients available. Don't settle for less. No refrigeration required so take them along anywhere. Great gift for our service men and women who often have trouble receiving food gifts.

Sampler Contains:


  • Two 6 oz. pkgs. Beef Sticks
  • Two 6 oz. pkgs. Hot Beef Sticks
  • Two 6 oz. pkgs. Pepperoni Seasoned Snack Sticks
  • Two 6 oz. pkgs. Ozark Summer Sticks

Cooking Instructions

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