Biscuit Size City Ham

Biscuit Cut Hickory Smoked City Ham

Boneless Sliced City Ham

Boneless Sliced City Ham

Boneless City Ham

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Item # Contains Delivered
H2441 Unsliced Half City Ham 3.50 to 4.50 lbs.
H241 Unsliced Whole City Ham 7 to 9 lbs.
H2422 Two Mini Hams 1.75 lbs. each

This hickory smoked boneless ham has been expertly trimmed, moist cured, and cooked. This unsliced ham comes with a packet of homemade honey ham glaze to compliment the hickory smoked flavor of the ham.

Our Sweet City Cured Honey hams are moist cured with our special recipe sweet brine solution. These hams are sweet and moist and gently smoked.

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