Cooking smoked hams is easy. Watch this quick video on how to cook spiral-sliced ham. In this video recipe, bay leaves and cloves complement the ham glaze that comes with the Burgers' Smokehouse Spiral Cut City Ham, a milder and slightly sweet hickory-smoked ham. Onions, fruit, and herbs add extra flavors and colors for presentation. Cooked ham heats quickly, assuring a memorable meal without days of preparation. 

Serve it as it is, or use the ham to make any number of mouth-watering mains. Here are two of our easy favorites. 

These video cooking tips are also great for other sweet cured honey hams to use for sliced ham recipes. You can also download Burgers' Smokehouse free ham cooking guide

Sliced Ham Recipes:

Ham Skillet Supper

Country Ham and Tomato Quiche 

Leftover ham can be used to make impressive sandwiches that break from the boring. Here are two easy recipes to make for a fun family dinner or brilliant brunch. Order the
 Burger Smokehouse Deli Pack for easy meal preparation. 

Monte Cristo (Sliced Ham French Toast Sandwich)

A sweet and savory spin on the grilled ham sandwich, the Monte Cristo is a fun way to get kids to the table.

(Serves 4)

2 large egg

2/3 cup whole milk

Salt and pepper

8 thick slices of white bread

4 slices Country or Honey ham 

4 slices roasted turkey 

4 slices Swiss or Emmentaler cheese

Dijon mustard

Mayonnaise (optional)

Unsalted butter

Powdered sugar, for dusting

Raspberry jam or syrup


Smear bread with Dijon mustard (and mayo if you like). Layer a slice of country ham, a slice of roasted turkey, and cheese between bread for each sandwich. 

Press down on each sandwich to compact it.

Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. 

Dip sandwiches in egg mixture, flipping the sandwiches over to soak each side. 

Pan fry each sandwich in butter until golden brown. Cut into halves and dust with powdered sugar. Serve with raspberry jam or syrup. 

Croque Madame (Cheesy Baked Ham and Egg Sandwich)

This brunch recipe elevates the traditional ham and cheese sandwich. The cheese sauce is easy to make. You can also opt to sprinkle cheese on the top instead of making the sauce, if pressed for time. Serve it with salad or your favorite breakfast sides.  

(Serves 4)

8 slices white bread or brioche

8 slices Country or Honey ham

4 eggs (fried just before serving)

Cheese sauce (below)

1-1/2 cups grated Swiss or Gruyere cheese


Dijon mustard (optional) 


3 tablespoons butter

¼ cup flour

2 cups milk

½ pound grated sharp Cheddar, Swiss, or Gruyere cheese, about 2 cups

 Salt to taste, if desired

 Freshly ground pepper to taste

Melt butter in a sauce pan. Whisk in flour to make a paste. Allow it to brown slightly. Whisk in milk slowly. Once heated (not boiling), slowly add cheese, stirring constantly. Salt and pepper to taste. You can add a dash of nutmeg if you like.

Preheat oven to 350°

Butter each slice of bread on both sides and pan fry each piece on both sides to golden brown. The inside and outside of each slice with be crisp, avoiding sogginess.

Place ham slices and a sprinkling of grated cheese between the pan-fried bread. If you would like to add Dijon, spread a light layer on the inside of the sandwich.

Spread a layer of the cheese sauce (it should be fairly thick) on top.

Bake on a cookie sheet until the cheese on top is melted. Once the center of the sandwich is melted, you can broil quickly for extra browning.

Top with a fried egg.