Who plans to celebrate Thanksgiving, but is dreading the menu planning, shopping for the food, finding Thanksgiving recipes and worst of all, cleaning up the dishes.  All of this putting a damper on your mood to celebrate?  Worry no more!  We'd like to suggest a Thanksgiving Dinner to Go!  That's right, what if you could get everything you need for the perfect celebration delivered to your door already prepped and ready to be cooked or heated?  You'd order a Thanksgiving Dinner to Go, right?

So here are the details - we have a full selection of turkeys for Thanksgiving or any other smoked meat you prefer for the holiday.  Next we have a full selection of homemade side dishes and desserts.  Want to add an appetizer?  No problem - we have you covered!

Smoked Turkey - Hickory Smoked and Fully Cooked - just Heat it and Eat it.  So simple.

Homemade Side Dishes - traditional comfort food recipes in the perfect size for sharing!

Desserts- a full selection that will impress even your most discerning guest.  

Appetizer - take a peak at some of these favorites.

Crab Cakes

Colossal Sausage & Cheese sampler

We also offer meals pre-selected and ready to ship to your door!

Regardless of your choice, a Thanksgiving Dinner to Go is the way to go this season.  Enjoy more time with your family, friends and loved ones and let us provide you with a great tasting, quality meal that your guests will be talking about until Christmas!  And don't worry...your secret is safe with us!