Need a gift and out of ideas?  How about a gift you know they'll enjoy AND use, such as, a gourmet food gift? There is nothing worse than receiving another pair of socks you don't need or hand towel you won't use or worse yet, knowing you gave a gift that was just a "filler gift" versus one you specially picked out for them. Well, we are here to help you change all of that!  Read on to learn about some fantastic gift ideas for the foodies and bacon lovers in your life!

Gourmet Cheeses & Meats

A gift that's perfect to give someone who enjoys trying new foods or enjoys a familiar favorite, you can count on any one of these options to deliver.  From our Colossal Sausage & Cheese sampler to our Smokehouse Treat there is something for everyone Others to consider include:

Day Trip Pack

Pride of Missouri

Wild Game Sausage Sampler

Cheese Sampler

Bacon Gift Samplers

Do you know someone who doesn't love bacon?  And if they LOVE bacon...why not give them a bacon sampler to let them try different types and flavors? You know they'll eat it and they'll have fun sharing with others.  Here are some great options to try:

Ultimate Bacon Sampler

Bacon Connoisseurs Sampler

Sliced Bacon Sampler

Bacon Steak Sampler

Colossal Bacon Sampler

Unique Food Gifts

Bacon, sausage, cheese...all great tasting.  But looking for a truly unique gifting idea for that special foodie on your list?  We have some options to help you give them bragging rights at their next dinner party and food pics Instagram-able!

Wild Game Sampler

Bacon Wrapped & Stuffed Cornish Game Hens

Frog Legs

Hickory Smoked Tender Quail

Tender Pekin Duckling

Sliced Country Ham (think 'American Prosciutto)

Cheesecake Party Sampler

Bacon & Jowl Sampler

If you still didn't find what you are looking for, please visit us at Burgers' Smokehouse or give us a call and we'd be happy to help you find something perfect to gift.