Dinner ideas inspired by comfort foods?  Yes, you read that correctly.  We absolutely support a balanced meal, but sometimes it's nice to error on the side of some down home cooking, comfort foods that can make your day even brighter!  When we think comfort foods, we think great tasting, wholesome meals that have been enjoyed for generations by our family.  Whether it's a recipe, or a product that saves you time, we hope the feeling and the memories created around your table will be inspired by these ideas.  And, who doesn't need some additional ideas for dinner?


A category all in its own.  Soups are our go-to comfort food and easy dinner idea because you can make them quick, let them heat all day in the crock pot or heat up a wonderful recipe from someone else.  The options are endless.  Our favorites are:

Traditional Ham & Beans or the quick version we offer (Ham & Beans ready in 2 minutes!)

Savory Turkey Stew - full of smoked turkey & veggies

Chicken & Noodle Soup  - from our recipe inspiration gal, The Pioneer Woman

Meat & Potato "type" Meals

At least for us here in the Midwest, our families know a staple meal included "meat & potatoes".  We use quotes, because it doesn't ALWAYS have to be a meat & potato, but something hearty and filling.  We suggest trying:

BBQ Beef Brisket (Heat & Eat) + Twice Baked Potatoes - filling to the last bite.

Creamed Country Ham & Eggs - whether you grew up with country ham or not, this will hit the spot!

Chicken Fried Chicken with Country Sides - we are suggesting ordering from us - treat yourself!

Pork Roast Meal with Sides & Dessert - will up your family and then some with this hearty meal.

Casseroles, Hot Dishes, One Pot Meals...whatever you call it where you are...

We love a good casserole for many reasons.  One, because they are normally easy to make, but full of great flavors.  Two, because they can be made ahead & easily cooked for dinner.  Three, it normally means a few prep dishes, but only one main dish after the meal!  If you haven't made one lately, may we suggest:

Ham Pot Pie - full of ham chunks, veggies and a flaky crust.

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie - savory, warm and oh so good...especially if it's cold out.

Ham Breakfast Casserole - of course we are partial to breakfast, but breakfast for dinner is a fun twist!


Every good comfort meal, needs a comfort meal dessert.  Finish off a savory dinner with desserts that will remind you of Mom, Grandma or maybe your favorite diner...enjoy!

Apple Pie - make this recipe or order it ready to bake - your choice!

Pecan Pie - once again...here is a great recipe or order it ready to go.

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls - yes, you heard that right...

Snickerdoodles - and this should mean you have leftovers!

We hope these ideas will inspire some new dinner ideas and recipes that will fill your appetite and bring you comfort.  For more ideas like this, be sure and sign up for our emails or check out our blog on our website.