Burgers' Smokehouse Artisan Hams

Originated in a small, country Ham House, the Burgers family has been crafting premium hams and gourmet food with a down-home feel for 90 years. At Burgers’ Smokehouse, premium ham is our specialty. In the above video, we explain that the best ham is a matter of taste. There are several varieties to please every palate.

We have two primary kinds of country hams and a variety of flavors and cuts of
 uncooked and cooked hams. All of our products are craftsman quality, taking the tradition and time to carefully cure or smoke ham the 'right way'. No shortcuts. We never use any artificial flavors or liquid smoke--allowing all of the natural flavors to be present with every bite. At Burgers' Smokehouse, we pride ourselves in the best quality ingredients and view it as an opportunity to share our family's recipes with yours.

Country Ham

This is dry-cured ham using our family recipe and the unique aging process to impart a distinctive, bold flavor.

There are two kinds of Country Ham available:


These country hams are aged for a minimum of 4 and up to 6 months. The color will be light pink, the texture firm (but not tough), and have a pleasant smoky aroma from 100% hickory wood chips used to give an extra touch of flavor & aroma. We use enough salt to preserve the ham, but are careful not to create an overwhelmingly salty final product.

Attic Aged

The Attic Aged country cured ham style is aged 7-9 months. That extra aging creates  a deeper pink color, a slightly firmer texture, and a more robust flavor. Due to the extended aging process, this is a slightly saltier ham than the Original variety.

Hickory Smoked Hams (a.k.a. City Hams)

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A very popular ham, Hickory Smoked City Hams are brine-cured (or marinated in our special recipe) to create an extra tender ham. They are famous for a pleasing balance of sweetness and hickory-wood smokiness, although milder than our country smoked hams. They are the ham most likely to fit a wide variety of palates. Spiral sliced make a great centerpiece ham for any occasion.

We carry one of the largest selections of artisan quality hams anywhere in the United States. 

Want to add some country smokehouse flavor for your recipes? Add Burgers' ham shanks to your family's favorite bean, soup, or other recipe. 

For more information on handling and cooking hams, download the Burgers' Smokehouse brochure. Burgers' makes it easy to cook ham for a big occasion or everyday meal.