Burgers' Smokehouse Country Hams are dry cured, aged and full of flavor from the salty, dry rub applied to preserve hams through the aging process, which should really be called the flavor development process!

Today, we want to share some tips and recipes for cooking hamshow long to cook ham specifically and for you to learn more about Burgers' Smokehouse Country Hams.

There are many traditional country ham recipes, but cooking cured ham is an acquired technique.  Some basic country ham recipe preparation methods include frying & baking!

Country Ham Recipes

Slicing & Frying - Country Ham Recipes

Step 1:  Slice the uncooked Country Ham into the thickness you desire.  Tip: We suggest 1/4" thick

Step 2: Heat a dry skillet on your stove for 2-3 minutes - medium heat.

Step 3: Place each slice into the skillet, turning each slice two to three times, until country ham slices are light brown on each side. Remove from skillet & enjoy!

Bonus Tip: add a traditional Red Eye Gravy!

Baking & Glazing - Country Ham Recipes

Step 1: Taking a "clean" Country Ham, place the ham skin side up on a rack inside a larger roaster pan.

Step 2: Cover the ham with water & one cup of sugar or brown sugar.  Leave two inches of space at the top of the roaster from the water level.

Step 3: Simmer in the oven at 250 degrees F until the roasted ham reaches an internal temperature of 155 degrees F.  You can check this by using a meat thermometer.

Step 4: To glaze, mix 1/4 c. vinegar and 1 cup of brown sugar together and pour over the ham.  Heat in the oven at 400 degrees F until the ham is browned.

Country Ham Recipes - with a twist!

You've cooked your country ham - now how can you make the most of this bold flavor? For a twist on traditional methods, try some of these country ham recipes in a dish where that's just what is missing.

Country Ham Corn Bread Recipe

It's almost against the law to serve Country Ham without corn bread.  We've solved that problem by combining two favorite dishes into one!

Corn bread mix + Cooked Country Ham + Onion + Corn + some extras (cheese, jalapenos) = Viola!  Click here for all of the details!

Quiche with Country Ham & Fresh Tomatoes Recipe

Whether it's breakfast, brunch or breakfast for dinner, turn your quiche recipe into one of your favorite country ham recipes!

Country Ham Recipes - Quiche with Country Ham and Tomatoes

Make sure you have a pie crust, some tomatoes, eggs, spices and of course your cooked Burgers' Smokehouse Country Ham!  For the exact recipe, click here!

Country Ham Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Easy to prep the night before when you have guests in the house and a country ham recipe is what's on the menu!

Be sure to swing by the store for Cheddar Cheese, Country Ham, Milk, Eggs, Bell Peppers, Onion and Croutons!

See the full recipe here.

Italian Style Spaghetti with Country Ham & Asparagus Recipe

A recipe that will please everyone in the family, but bring the unexpected flavor of country ham to wake up the taste buds from the normal dinner routine.

In four quick steps, this meal will be on your table, with your table guests enjoying!

It's a quick & easy recipe that's full to deliver on taste & flavor.  View entire recipe here.

Country Ham & Cheese Roll-ups 

Need a quick dinner or fun appetizer? Try this country ham recipe!

Make sure you have Crescent Rolls can, Slices of Country Ham, Slices of Mozzarella Cheese & Mustard or Cream cheese and about 30 minutes to prep and cook.  Check out the complete recipe here.

Country Ham - Entertaining Ideas

Although new country ham recipes are always at the top of our list, we'd like to also share of some entertaining ideas to impress your friends, family or co-workers!  Since Burgers' Smokehouse provides a cooked option for Country Ham, it no longer has to take all day to be able to serve this tasty country ham!


Serve one of our breakfast country ham recipes above with fresh fruit and additional slices of fried Country Ham for those who crave more.

Country Ham Recipes - Country Ham


Prepare the Quiche with Country Ham & Fresh Tomatoes recipe - it looks very appealing on your serving table or each plate.  Serve with a sweet pastry and fresh fruit for a spread your guests will talk about for days.

Lunch or Dinner 

These country ham recipes all you to prep all of the ingredients ahead of time for a quick lunch or dinner meal, without sacrificing great taste.

Special Occasion Dinner

For those special occasions our traditional roasting method, with your own homemade glaze, will create a memorable experience.  Serve with your favorite potato, salad and dessert and you will have created a special memory for everyone.