An easy way to brighten someone's day, especially when they are away from home or have had a life change, is with a care package. Whether they are away to school, camp or serving in the military OR have moved away for a job or just lost a loved one, we have several care package ideas to share!

We first suggest making a list of things they like, things that would bring a smile to their face and if you are sending food, make sure you know if they have access to refrigeration or not.  And we do suggest sending food...everyone has to eat and it's often a source of fond memories!

Care Package Idea #1 - Military Care Package

If you have a friend or loved one in the military, we suggest any of our gifts that are able to be sent to a military post office box (APO, FPO, or DPO).  All of these gifts do not require refrigeration (unless opened) and are packed full of protein and can be eaten on the go.  Some customer favorites include any of our snack stick samplers, the ready to heat Ham & Beanscountry ham and biscuits set and our salted peanuts.   

Care Package Idea #2 - College Student Package

There is nearly nothing a student away at college appreciates more than free food or something the resembles the cooking they enjoyed at home.  Luckily many of our products are meant to be eaten on-the-go or only require re-heating.  Some suggestions that are popular are the sauced ribs, any of our sausage snack sticks, hickory smoked city ham slices (that can be eaten for breakfast or on a sandwich) and our bacon.  Even college kids (if they have access to a kitchen) like to cook bacon!  If this package arrives, it will be one of their best mail days!

Care Package Idea #3 - Family Living Away

Lots of families are able to be very near each other, but often times, that's not the case, especially when a family member pursues a career that's not local to home or has other family obligations that require them to move away.  Although they are hopefully enjoying their new location, sending them a care package to say 'we miss you & hope to see you soon' is always appreciated!  Depending on your family traditions, we have so many sampler packs to choose from that could do just the trick from complete meals to bacon samplers or bbq samplers!

Care Package Idea #4 - Life Transition

Many things happen in life from having a baby to moving to a new home or having a loved one pass away.  Sending a food care package in their time of need to make life a little easier and show sympathy for their situation can be greatly appreciated.  Once you place your order, we'll make sure it arrives safely, in good condition and on the date you'd like it to arrive on.  Let us help you brighten their day!  Some great options include dessertsside dishescomplete mealsbreakfast samplers and sausage & cheese samplers.  If you don't see the exact combination of what you were hoping to send, give us a call and we can help!

We hope these ideas will help you create the best care package for anyone in your life.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call & we would be happy to help!