Holiday gift baskets are a delight to both give and receive.  With so many options out in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to decide which is the best!  At Burgers' Smokehouse, we are partial to holiday gift baskets that include meat, food or other premium items that can be enjoyed with friends, family and others all through the holidays and beyond!  Today, we'd like to share with you some ideas to order a complete holiday basket or ideas to build your own at home.

Aunt Margaret's Gift Basket

Aunt Margaret is part of the family, actually living on site at the original (current) location of our plant and visitor's center until her passing.  This food gift basket contains all of her favorites to have on hand when an unexpected guest stopped by.

Office Party Basket

Although called the Office Party Basket, it's actually a gift that's great to give to any larger group.  It's packed with items meant for sharing and flavors versatile enough to find a favorite in every group.

Now we have some other favorites that are considered "gift baskets", but are too big to be contained to a basket!  These are perfect for a family gifts, corporate Christmas gifts or to treat someone else on your list!

Gourmet Food Gift Tower

This tower comes packed with 8 different items - packed neatly in six separate gift boxes.  Want to leave an impression?  Send this impressive gourmet food gift!

BBQ Bonanza

Know someone who loves barbecue?  This gift is for them!  Packed full of nearly all the flavors and types we offer of BBQ meats and pork ribs.

All-American Gift Pack

This gift pack is the ultimate in meat gift baskets with a focus on bacon and pork ribs.  In addition to the great tasting food, we've included an All-American camouflage cooler that will keep this food, a casserole or your favorite beverage cold.

Last, but not least, if you are making your own holiday gift baskets at home, we have some premium food items that don't require refrigeration that can be great to add into any theme.  

These include:

Summer Sausage Snack Sticks

Jams & Jellies

Salted Peanuts

Biscuit Mix & Biscuit Cutter

Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

We have many other options available on our website for great holiday gift basket options.  We hope you enjoy these ideas and give us a call if you'd like to pick our brains for more ideas!