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Choose from any of our gourmet dry-cured country bacon and pork jowl products.

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D34MUC Pecan Smoked Bacon One 1 lb.
D41C Hickory Smoked Country Bacon 1 lb.
D42C Maple Country Bacon 1 lb.
D45C Applewood Smoked Bacon 1 lb.
D49C Applewood Smoked Bacon Steak 1 lb.
D51C Hickory Smoked Bacon Steak 1 lb.
D52C Peppered Country Bacon Steak 1 lb.
D56C Peppered Country Bacon 1 lb.
D72C Country Jowl Sliced 1 lb.
D76C Peppered Jowl Sliced 1 lb.
Out of stock
P72C Peppered City Bacon 1 lb.
P76C Original City Bacon 1 lb.

Build Your Own Box! Choose from any of our gourmet dry-cured country bacon and pork jowl products.  We offer all flavors and slice types that are cured with high-quality ingredients, slow-smoked, and expertly packaged to arrive safely at your door. Don't want just bacon and jowl in your box?  Mix and match your favorites from this section and create a combination unique to you and your needs. After you make your selection, we'll carefully hand pack your choices and expertly ship your box, guaranteeing its safe arrival at the end destination.

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Available January through September Only

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  • Pick any 6 items -   $88.99
  • Pick any 7 items -   $97.99
  • Pick any 8 items -   $106.99
  • Pick any 9 items -   $115.99
  • Pick any 10 items - $124.99
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