What is the difference between Burgers' Smokehouse bacon and other brands commonly found in the grocery store?


Burgers’ Smokehouse bacon is dry-cured, naturally wood smoked with NO WATER ADDED.  No water added is the key to our differences because most bacons you will find (not all) have been cured with brine.  You should experience a richer flavor and less shrink (more of your slice left!) after cooking.


What is the difference between the various flavors of Burger’s Smokehouse Country Bacon?


1. Original Hickory Smoked Bacon - Our original recipe and still our best seller. It is dry-cured and hickory smoked.

2. Peppered Hickory Bacon - Our original recipe with an extra layer of black pepper rubbed on the surface.

3. Applewood Smoked Bacon - A slightly milder version of our original recipe and smoked with natural Applewood chips.

4. Maple Hickory Smoked Bacon - Add a little maple flavor to our original recipe and you have a perfect sweet and smoky combination. 


What is the difference between Regular Sliced Bacon and Bacon Steak?


Our traditional cut bacon is approximately 1/8" thick and our bacon steak cut is 1/4" thick per slice.


Why is Jowl located in the Bacon section of your website?


Although sliced jowl does not come from the pork belly like traditional bacon, the jowl has a similar flavor profile, and when sliced thin, cooks and tastes very similar.  Some say they like it better than "normal" bacon.